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Reviews From Our Past Clients

Nothing negative to say about Mr Nivins he’s represented me since 2014 and strictly the professional lawyer that has always come prepared for any situation I needed addressed in court. –

I’ve known Mr. Joseph Nivin for over 8 years. He is a thoughtful, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable attorney. Whenever I contact him, I know that he will respond promptly and assist me in resolving my legal challenges. In addition, I consider Mr. Nivin to be highly ethical and trustworthy. In the future, I would not hesitate to contact him regarding legal matters. I highly recommend Mr. Nivin to anyone needing legal services. –

Mr. Nivin is an excellent family lawyer. Compassionate, professional and the fact that he maintains relationship with client after case has been resolved speaks volumes. As a family member who was given the opportunity to witness the proceedings I was very satisfied. Highly recommend. –

Joseph was extremely helpful and always available to answer any of my questions. I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and I was treated as a friend rather than a client. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. The process was always explained. Joseph fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Thanks Joseph! –

I was overwhelmed with the unusual circumstances of my custody battle. After being advised by many well meaning friends and neighbors that I shouldn’t expect the court to rule in my favor, I meet Mr Nivin and he assured me that he would be able to help me secure the terms needed to keep the child safe. Mr. Nivin was very patient and a good listener. His calm manner helped me stay calm and I will always remember Mr. Nivin with gratitude. –

Mr. Nivin is very responsive and kind, a rare find in an attorney. His advice was on point and he won the case. –

The attorneys were very knowledgeable about the matter I was facing and their careful guidance was helpful. It was an upsetting matter and they understood the emotional as well as the legal challenges that I was facing. –

Joseph Nivin is the best lawyer that I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him to all of my friends and family. He was understanding, diligent supportive with my highly sensitive case. He made a very stressful and trying situation much easier on me and my family. Most importantly, he was honest, fair and extremely intelligent. He commands respect and he is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. –

Amazing person who will go to War for you and fight with everything he has. He went to court and got me the best possible outcome and made me a happy customer. –

This is the first time I EVER write a review. Joe was recommended by a very close friend. He advised me the process on a child custody case would take approx. 2 years. He went out of his way to keep my costs down. Seven months later I was awarded full custody of my little girl. Joe Nivin cared and saved her life. Call him for honesty in this tumultuous legal war zone. –

Mr. Nivin is caring and has extensive knowledge of the family court system. He was able to advise me on the best legal solution to take so that I could financially support my children. He handled all paper work and made himself available to me whenever I had any questions. We were able to resolve my case efficiently and amicably. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a family attorney. – Rocio F.

My case was a several-month long chess game to which for every offensive move made against me Joseph had an equal and effective countermeasure. He was always proactive and was prompt to reply to questions and concerns. His calm thoughtful demeanor made for a comforting and effective ally. I will always be grateful to him. I am 100% certain that if anybody could help you it’s Joseph Nivin –

I was cast into the most difficult battle of my life thus far. Fighting for your rights regarding visitation and custody of my son (after I pretty much already signed all my rights away.) It was heart-wrenching and a monumental task to take up for anybody, by the grace of God I found Joseph Nivin. I interviewed/consulted several attorneys and did my due diligence investigating them on the Internet before I settled on Joe. From the moment I met him he stood out from the rest, he wasn’t putting a show and dance on and he wasn’t making mountains out of molehills, he absorbed all the information that I could give him and formulated the best possible game plan. My case and the parties involved was complex multilayered and between two parties who couldn’t hold a conversation for more than 2 sentences without venom erupting. My case was a several-month long chess game to which for every offensive move made against me Joseph had an equal and effective countermeasure. He was always proactive and was prompt to reply to questions and concerns. His calm and thoughtful demeanor made for a comforting and effective ally. I will always be grateful to him. I am 100% certain that if anybody could help you it’s Joseph Nivin. – Joshua P.

Mr. Nivin is an experienced, dependable and a trustworthy attorney who aggressively represents his clients. I endorse this attorney without any hesitation. – Cheddi Jagan ll, Divorce and Separation Attorney.

Mr. Nivin is an outstanding attorney. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in family law. Mr. Nivin is a strong advocate for his clients and is a tough adversary. I highly recommend him. – Arthur Rubin, Child Abuse Attorney.

Mr. Nivin is a professional both as an ally and adversary. –

My experience using Mr. Nivin’s legal service was PHENOMENAL! From the moment we first spoke I knew he was the right lawyer for my case. He was very knowledgeable about family law and made me feel confident everything was going to be okay. I explained what my goal was for the case and he accomplished this goal swiftly. I’m so happy with how everything worked out for me, thanks to him! I would highly recommend his office to anyone seeking legal services in family court. Thank you so much, Mr. Nivin and Stephanie, for all your help! You guys are the best! – Sasha Wilches, Client.

Joseph Nivin is an exceptionally knowledgeable, thorough and competent attorney. A client would be in very good hands with Joe Nivin as their attorney. – Attorney.

Mr. Nivin performed his job in the most professional and ethical manner. He and his staff were accessible, pleasant to talk with and responsive. He did a thorough job preparing for our court appearance; he got our case dismissed quickly. Highly recommend! – HR.

Joseph Nivin represented me on a legal matter. He handled the case very professionally and his representation resulted in a great result for my family. – Janeen S. Jones, Client

Mr. Nivin assisted me with a family court case. He explained everything that was going on in the case, good and bad. Mr. Nivin thoroughly handled all paperwork and court appearances in a timely manner and called or texted if something came up. I appreciate all he and his office did to assist me and my family. Mr. Nivin is the greatest family court attorney. – Jessica Reyes

I worked with Joseph Nivin on a custody case. He was very professional, involved and always secure with the information given to me. Would recommend him highly 100 times!
– Daly L. Facebook

Joe is the best of the best when it comes to complicated family law matters. I would refer him to any one of my clients. – Michael Kohan, Litigation Attorney.

I wrote my initial recommendation for my colleague and friend Joseph Nivin well over four years ago. At that time, I was in the process of establishing my law practice, as was he. He and I worked together for a number of years previously. – Veronica Escobar.

Joseph is extremely knowledgeable in the specialized field of Family Law. He has helped me on a number of matters and has proven to be a top-notch attorney. I would highly recommend Joseph to any prospective clients. – Daniel Drucker, Immigration Attorney.

Joe is a very experienced, professional and hard-working attorney. He possesses a top-notch knowledge of family law and is a true asset to the legal profession. I unhesitatingly recommend and endorse him. – Eugene Girin, Personal Injury Attorney.