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CPS/ACS Consultations for Attorneys

Are you a matrimonial attorney whose client is being investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS), the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), or the Department of Social Services (DSS)? Did the court order a “COI” that doesn’t seem to be going well for your client? Did someone from the other side call CPS on your client? Did your client get a letter saying that the case was “indicated,” and ask you to represent him or her in a “fair hearing?” Worse, did CPS file a case against your client, and put you in a world that you’re unfamiliar with, where all of the attorneys know each other, but nobody wants to talk to you?

Are you a criminal attorney, representing someone who was arrested, and is now being investigated by CPS? Is there a Family Court case against your client, based upon the incident that he or she was arrested for? Is your client asking you when he or she can see the kids again?

I started by career representing the Administration for Children’s Services in Queens Family Court, and I worked as an ACS attorney for three years. After that, I spent six years on the Assigned Counsel/Attorneys for Children Panel in Queens Family Court, where I represented people in abuse and neglect cases, including parents, stepparents, and even children. I also spent five years on the family law appellate panel in the Second Department, where I represented people in all Family Court appeals, including abuse, neglect, and termination of parental rights proceedings.

As a private Family Court and matrimonial practitioner, I am available to consult with attorneys regarding CPS issues in matrimonial, Family Court, and criminal proceedings. I am also available, if needed, to serve in an “of counsel” capacity in Family Court child protective and termination of parental rights proceedings and to represent people in administrative hearings before the Office of Children and Family Services to challenge “indicated” findings and the removal of foster children.

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