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Trusted Advice After A Juvenile Delinquency Arrest

After a Juvenile Delinquency arrest, The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C., can advise you and your child on your next step and take immediate action. No matter what your child (7 to 15 years of age) has been charged with, Mr. Nivin has juvenile law experience, will explain your child’s legal options, and will work to minimize the immediate and long-term impact on your child.

How Will We Help You?

A juvenile attorney will prepare your child for the initial hearing (in Family Court) and communicate directly with the prosecutor from Corporation Counsel. In some cases, with the consent of the complainant, the cases can be adjusted, or kept out of court completely, to allow probation to work with your family to remedy whatever problems led to the youth’s arrest. In such cases, Corporation Counsel will generally not become involved. If the Corporation Counsel files the case, then our office will use every possible tool to fight the charges, and work diligently to obtain the most favorable possible result for your family.

If your child is being tried as an adult for a more serious crime, it’s critical to have legal representation to protect your child’s rights.

As a parent (or guardian) you may have legal and financial responsibilities for any damage caused by your child. If the court orders “restitution,” you’ll have to pay for losses, damage, victim’s medical bills or lost wages.


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In early 2014 Mr. Joseph H. Nivin presented a continuing legal education course at the Queens County Bar Association – The Changing Juvenile Delinquency Practice: The “Close to Home” Placement Initiative.

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