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Foreclosure Defense

At The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C., we represent clients in their most challenging times. Throughout New York State, foreclosures are increasing at alarming rates. If you are facing a foreclosure, we understand how hard you have worked to own your own home and achieve the American Dream. We have significant experience working with foreclosure cases, with knowledge of the process from commencement until trial. Irina Dularidze, Esq., has worked on the banking side for two years and is well versed in timeliness of answers, the settlement and litigation process. Foreclosure law is an area of law with many nuances, and you want an attorney that has experience in the field. We are also well versed in reverse mortgages, so if you are elderly and facing a reverse mortgage foreclosure, we are here to assist you throughout this difficult process and keep you in your home.

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