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Your Family Matters

Changes To Divorce And Child Support

Even after proceedings are finalized, circumstances might arise where it is necessary to change divorce orders or child support payments. Working with an experienced family law attorney can mean the difference between getting the changes you need or sticking it out with an arrangement that just doesn’t work any longer.

Modifying Divorce And Support Orders

Ideally, once divorces are finalized, both spouses can move on with their lives and put what might have been a painful period behind them. But financial situations can change, requiring changes to the alimony or child support orders. The most common reasons for a modification include:

    • A change in a parent’s income, either decreasing or increasing
    • A parent moves to a different city or state
    • The custodial parent shows they are unable to care for a child
    • A parent loses their job and is unable to make child support payments

These modifications need to be brought to a judge with proof that the changes are needed. Just because a spouse’s income is drastically reduced does not mean that they can simply stop paying child or spousal support. They must go through the legal process of modifying the support agreement or face repercussions for nonpayment. Working with The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C., can help to streamline this process and ensure you or your child are getting the support you need.

Child And Spousal Support Enforcement

If your ex-partner refuses to pay child or spousal support, you can file in court to enforce your agreement and collect money owed to you. The ability of your ex-partner to pay support doesn’t matter if your child support, separation or divorce agreement stipulates that they are required to make payments. You can also bring a lawsuit against them for breach of those agreements and the court can award a monetary judgment.

There are several tactics a skilled attorney can use in getting you the support you are entitled to. Garnishing wages, using funds from tax returns or a lien against property are some of the ways Mr. Nivin can assist you in collecting the money you are owed.

Get The Support You Need

You or your ex-partner’s financial situation could change for the worse or for the better at any time after divorce or child support orders are finalized. If you need to collect unpaid alimony or child support or modify your current agreement, it is important to work with skilled attorneys with experience doing modifications and collections. Call The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C., today at to discuss your situation or contact us online.