Your Family Matters

Valuable Guidance Throughout Your Divorce

A good divorce attorney or child custody lawyer can offer valuable guidance when facing an uncontested, collaborative or contested divorce. At The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C., you’ll receive personalized attention and a highly skilled team to fight for your rights, obtain fair child custody, child support, visitation and orders of protection. The organized team at The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C., knows that preparation is key to minimizing the length of your divorce case, emotional distress and costs.

Uncontested Divorce

A family law lawyer will represent you during an uncontested divorce where both parties are in agreement over financial or divorce-related issues. Joseph H. Nivin will clearly explain your options and guide you through the divorce process for child custody and support, division of marital property or spousal support, negotiation, document preparation and filing.

Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse can not agree on either getting divorced or about division of assets, allocation of debts, alimony, child support or child custody, our team will assist you through this complicated process. We will aggressively fight for your rights through negotiation, litigation and the discovery process of gathering information to build and strengthen your case during trial. Joseph H. Nivin can navigate complex and delicate matters to minimize stress and achieve your desired results.