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Settling Your Divorce Outside Of The Courtroom

Dissolving a marriage can often be a long, arduous process, but that does not have to be the case. Many divorces are now completed using a process called alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is often less adversarial, faster and less expensive than the traditional legal process. ADR allows divorcing couples to come together, negotiate in good faith and move on with their lives.

Divorces are frequently complex, involving dividing assets and property, determining child custody, child support or alimony. ADR commonly takes the form of arbitration or mediation, two powerful tools for spouses to come to a mutually beneficial agreement – outside of the courtroom.

Divorce Through Mediation

Stepping into a courtroom is usually a nerve-wracking experience, but using mediation allows you and your spouse to meet in a less stressful environment and with the help of a trained, neutral mediator.

The mediator will help to guide communication, explore options and assist you and your spouse in coming to an acceptable divorce agreement that works. The mediator does not impose a decision, like in arbitration, so it is up to the spouses to agree. An experienced family law attorney can act as your adviser through the process, helping to ensure the best possible outcome.

Divorce Through Arbitration

A more structured ADR option than mediation, arbitration involves a neutral third party listening to the arguments of each spouse and making decisions based on those arguments. Both spouses must agree to use arbitration, and the arbitrator’s decisions are usually legally binding, though other unsettled issues can be resolved in court.

Like mediation, arbitration takes place outside of the courtroom, though it has many of the same components of a trial. Arguments are made, evidence is presented and witnesses can be called and questioned. Like mediation, the benefit of arbitration is its streamlined process, meaning a quicker resolution to your divorce than a public fight in court.

What Are The Benefits Of ADR?

Divorce often takes an emotional toll on all those involved, especially the kids. Spouses who can negotiate and communicate openly can lessen that burden and resolve their disputes without the process turning into a corrosive, damaging experience. Using ADR in your divorce often means far less cost and a more expeditious resolution, and it can help divorcing parents to work better together in the future.

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