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Just the Facts: Respect

In this “Just the Facts” series, I’ve already covered Child Support, Custody Cases, and When Mediation Doesn’t Work. I’m now sharing the most powerful lesson — and also the simplest — for the final installment of this series: Follow the Golden Rule. Treat others how...

Just the Facts: When Mediation Doesn’t Work

By now you’ve probably figured out that mediating your divorce makes sense in most cases — and you may be wondering about what types of cases are not a fit for mediation. If there is domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, or parental alienation, litigation becomes...

Just the Facts: Custody Cases

As every parent knows, it is impossible to work together without trust. Custody litigation, by its nature, eliminates trust — to the detriment of the children. The most basic reason why the current system for resolving custody issues is so bad for children is perhaps...

Just the Facts: Child Support

I have spent most of my career in New York’s Family Court system. I’ve had many people come into my office for consultations who are cynical “veterans” of the system, and others who tell me that they have heard “horror stories.” This series will describe the reasons...

Child Support Orders [VIDEO]

What is included in an order of child support?  Basic Child Support Basic child support is meant to provide for a child's basic needs, including food, clothing, shelter, and school supplies. The amount of support is calculated via a formula based on the parents’...

Orders of Protection [VIDEO]

To get an order of protection in family court, you will have to prove two things: subject matter jurisdiction and the commission of a family offense.

To get an order of protection in family court, you will have to prove two things: subject matter jurisdiction and the commission of a family offense.

To prove subject matter jurisdiction, you must prove to the court that either you are related to the person against whom you’re seeking an order of protection by blood or marriage, that you have a child in common, or that you were in an intimate relationship. Please note how the law interprets an intimate relationship — a common misconception is that an intimate relationship must be of a sexual nature. The law specifically says that the relationship does not have to be sexual in nature to qualify as an intimate relationship. However, an intimate relationship is not “ordinary fraternization,” which basically means someone that you see around town regularly.

2 Myths and a Fact About Family Law Cases [VIDEO]

Myth #1 – Divorce Attorneys Are Really Mean

A former judge said it best when he told me that I will get further with honey than with vinegar in almost all cases. I, like any other reputable family law attorneys, am not habitually mean. We act in a professional manner to make sure that the families we serve conclude their cases with the best possible conclusions.