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Common issues that complicate child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law

After parents call it quits on their marriage, child custody typically becomes contentious. Divorcing spouses experience conflict in the majority of cases.

The following problems can worsen the situation. Everyone benefits from finding a resolution.

Parenting techniques

One reason for a couple getting a divorce could be an inability to agree on child-rearing tactics. For example, ideas about discipline, religion and nutrition might be different. Nonetheless, acting in unison can help maintain a peaceful coexistence.

Parenting logistics

Even when both parents agree on vital matters, scheduling still poses an obstacle. Constantly shuttling between houses burdens everyone in the family. Back-and-forth travel becomes even more demanding when there is a great distance involved. The question of who should give little Johnny or Sally a ride may become a constant theme.

Fortunately, there are coparenting apps to help divorced parents with complex calendars. Sampling a few before settling on one remains a wise strategy.

Parenting fitness

Sadly, some are incapable of creating safe and loving environments for their offspring. One parent might be struggling with drugs or alcohol. Psychological problems, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, may impede parenting skills. Abuse of any kind, physical or verbal, is never acceptable. All these scenarios cultivate dangerous conditions for little folk.

Those with troubled counterparts ought to consider the involvement of professional services. Intervention could be lifesaving. There exists a greater possibility of the responsible adult receiving full-time custody.

Raising a child after the dissolution of marriage poses a hefty challenge. Awareness of potential complications grants an opportunity to prevent them from taking root.