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2 Myths and a Fact About Family Law Cases [VIDEO]

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Family Law, Video

Myth #1 – Divorce Attorneys Are Really Mean

A former judge said it best when he told me that I will get further with honey than with vinegar in almost all cases. I, like any other reputable family law attorneys, am not habitually mean. We act in a professional manner to make sure that the families we serve conclude their cases with the best possible conclusions. Will we stand up for you if the other party is lying and/or trying to take advantage? Absolutely! But we will do so in a respectful and professional manner, and will not simply scream and yell.

Myth #2 – Family Court Is Just Like Judge Judy

You may envision high drama when thinking of family law cases. Do you see dirt thrown from either side of the courtroom, the judge yelling, and then making a decision? That is NOT an accurate picture of the way it works. There are two ways that a contested family law case can end. The first way is through a settlement, where the attorneys help you come up with an agreement about the issues. In this situation, it is you, rather than a judge, making these important decisions about your family’s future. The second way is through a trial. In a trial, both you and your soon-to-be-ex present evidence and witnesses, and then the judge makes a decision based upon what is presented in court.

Fact: Trials Can Be Very Lengthy

Trials can take a long time because there are many pieces to a trial and a lot of steps to take. Before many trials, there will be discovery, where both sides present documents to the other side. In this way, both sides are informed about the evidence in the case and the judge has the information that he or she needs to make these important decisions.

Before a trial, conferences will be held. The conferences are held at court, where the attorneys will meet with the judge or an attorney that works for the judge, in an effort to settle the case.

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