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The facts about mediation

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Divorce

When you face a divorce, the settlement process can be contentious and hostile if you do not agree on how to handle things. This can leave you waiting for a court hearing and at the mercy of the judge after litigation. If you want more control over the outcome of the settlement, you might consider mediation.

There are a few facts that you should understand about the mediation process.

The mediator does not make the decisions

One of the most common misconceptions about mediation is that the mediator makes the decisions and you have to abide by them. The mediator only facilitates conversations about the settlement, guiding you and your spouse to a mutual agreement. You will not sacrifice your freedom to make decisions if you choose mediation.

You do not have to be in agreement for mediation to work

Some people hear about mediation and think that it is best suited for couples who already agree on their settlement. Mediation will help you come to those agreements, so you do not need to agree on those decisions beforehand.

Mediation works for divorces of all values

Sometimes the parties in a high-value divorce feel as though litigation is the only solution to settle their case. The truth is that mediation is just as effective even in high-value cases.

Mediation is a valuable resource for couples trying to settle their divorce sooner than the courts could schedule a hearing. The right mediator can guide you through your settlement agreement and help you finalize your divorce.