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How social media can affect a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Divorce

It can be difficult to separate the goings-on of daily life from the constant online presence that everyone shares in today’s world. When you are going through a divorce, however, the ability to detach yourself from social media can save you a great deal of trouble and effort throughout the proceedings.

Anything you post on social media is visible to the public, and that includes your spouse and their legal team. Even if your spouse is no longer in your social media network, you should understand how they might come across your posts and the role those posts might play in your divorce.

Social media posts can serve as evidence

Venting your frustrations about your soon-to-be ex-spouse or participating in gossip at their expense can be a harmful thing to do over social media during your divorce. The possibility always exists that the things you say will find their way to your spouse and that those posts can paint you as an aggressor in the relationship.

Relationship updates can affect the distribution of marital assets

If you are dating or pursuing a new relationship while also proceeding through a divorce, it is important to avoid posting about that relationship on your social media. You might find yourself accused of spending marital assets in your new relationship. According to the New York Courts, the state follows an equitable distribution law that prioritizes an even divide of property, but you may struggle to get your fair share if your spouse uses your new relationship status as evidence against you.

Divorce is a sensitive issue, and the use of social media has a tendency to stoke the flames at unfortunate times. Avoiding social media altogether might be in your best interest while trying to navigate the complexities of your divorce.