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Equitable arrangements for child custody over the holidays

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce is a separate concern from parenthood. It does not matter how you feel about the other person raising your offspring. You each still care about your babies with all your heart.

As a parental unit that no longer wishes to be together, you must determine a custody schedule. Mothers and fathers particularly want to spend holidays with their kids. Deciding on the fairest, most agreeable situation is a challenge. Several options are worth discussing.

Alternating years

One arrangement that might work is trading off holidays. This schedule is easy to remember, as one parent gets odd-numbered years and the other gets even years. Plus, you never miss children during Thanksgiving or Christmas more than once in a row.

Splitting holidays

Another possibility is having children spend half of every holiday with both parents. This division means you each get time with little ones during these magical days. A downside, however, is it requires planning. Knowing how to talk with your ex is mandatory for this to work. It also means more traveling. This arrangement works best if you live near your former spouse.

Assigning holidays

Some choose to allow their previous partners to have specific holidays outright. In exchange, they get to have others. This tack might make sense if you feel partial toward one celebration over another. Maybe you cannot go without seeing children opening presents from Santa. If this is the case, consider giving the other parent Turkey Day.

Dividing holidays is a sensitive topic, yet it bears discussion. Speak with one another openly about the possibilities.