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NY Child Support Attorney Can Help Lower Payments

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Child Support

The Supreme Court of New York decided on a case filed to lower the amount of child support in arrears that could be garnished from the appellant’s paycheck. A previous case brought by the respondent raised the appellant’s child support to 65% of his disposable income until the child support in arrears was paid in full. This is the maximum amount of disposable income that can be deducted for child support.

This amount left the appellant unable to meet his own financial obligations by drastically reducing the amount of money left over after meeting his child support responsibility. The court found it was appropriate to lower the amount to only 40% of disposable income. Read more about the case here.

Are your child support payments too high? If you owe monthly child support or back support and you’re getting so much money taken from your paycheck that you can’t make ends meet, a New York child support attorney can ask the court to lower the amount of money being garnished.